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After Working from Home, Women Don’t Want to Wear Makeup Anymore

A lot of women don't want to wear makeup anymore after working from home.

Four Ways to Toot Your Own Horn at Work

Here are four ways to toot our own horn without looking like a jerk.

Iceland’s 4-Day Work Week Trial Called ‘Overwhelming Success’

Are people more productive when they work longer hours but only four days a week? Researchers in…

The Best-Paying Jobs That Make People Happy

Finding a job that you love is tough.  Finding a job you love that pays well, is…

Working from Home Officially Does Make You More Productive

Working from home makes you more productive.

Does Wearing Nicer Clothes Make You More Productive at Work?

Is there a reason for wearing things like suits or at least business casual stuff to work…

Job Posting: A Winery Will Pay You $10,000 A Month To Work And Live Rent-Free In Sonoma

A winery in Sonoma, California is offering up a new job: You'll get paid $10,000 per month…

A New Wristband Tells Your Boss If You’re in a Bad Mood

I think knowing if someone is in a good mood or a bad mood is a good…

Most People Have Been More Productive Working from Home, Not Less

According to a new study of people who’ve been working at home full-time since the pandemic started…

Cerro Gordo County active COVID case count cut in half compared to start of the month

DES MOINES — It’s been 18 days that north-central Iowa has seen more recoveries from COVID-19 in

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