The #1 Big Game Food Is Chips and Dip, and the #1 Drink Isn’t Beer

According to the National Chicken Council, Americans will eat a record 1.4 billion chicken wings over the Big Game weekend.  But they’re not the most popular Super Bowl food . . .

That honor goes to chips and dip.  Here are the ten most popular Big Game foods this year . . .

1.  Chips and dip.  40% plan to serve it or eat it.

2.  Wings, 36%.

3.  Pizza, 35%.

4.  Nachos, 29%.

5.  Cheese and crackers, 20%.

6.  Cookies, 18%.

7.  Burgers, 17%.

8.  Meatballs, 12%.

9.  Tacos, 12%.

10.  Ice cream, 12%.

They also looked at the most popular drink choices, and #1 ISN’T beer.  The top five are soda . . . beer . . . iced tea . . . wine . . . and whiskey.

At our house the go-to’s are Lil Smokies in BBQ sauce, bacon wrapped Lil Smokies and a hot sauce chicken cheese dip.  YUMMY!

(YouGov / NCC)

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