The Average “Dream Wedding” Includes 92 Guests, Has an Open Bar, and Is Black Tie Optional

If you want to have a “dream wedding,” it’s going to cost you.

A new survey found the most common things people mention when they’re describing their dream wedding.  And added up, they’d cost roughly $42,000.  Here’s where that money goes . . .

1.  An average of 92 guests.

2.  Held on a Saturday.

3.  A “modern” theme.

4.  White, black, and blue colors.

5.  The top three flowers are roses, tulips, and lilies.

6.  Black tie optional.

7.  A live band.

8.  Chocolate cake.

9.  An open bar.

10.  All speeches under 10 minutes.

(Yahoo News)

Start planning your dream wedding here.

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