The Fastest Rising Delivery Foods During the Pandemic, According to Grubhub

This isn’t really breaking news . . . but people haven’t really been craving healthy food since the quarantine started.  Grubhub just released some info on the fastest rising delivery foods for the first half of the year . . . and the phrase “comfort food” comes to mind.

Here are the top 10 . . .

1.  Spicy chicken sandwiches, up 299% this year.

2.  Plant-based burgers, up 291%.

3.  Vanilla milkshakes, up 273%.

4.  Iced lattes, up 261%.

5.  Chili, up 228%.

6.  Cinnamon rolls, up 205%.

7.  Chimichangas, up 195%.

8.  Beef burritos, up 181%.

9.  Potato tacos, up 169%.

10.  Purple taro milk tea, up 168%.


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