The Greatest Pop Star of Every Year Since 1981

The staff at “Billboard” got together and determined the greatest pop star of every year since 1981.  Without getting into too much detail about their methodology, they were looking for the musical act that made the most impact in that particular year.

For every year they also chose some runners-up, the rookie of the year, and an artist who made a big comeback that year.  (You can read the whole roundup here.)

Here are their picks for the last 20 years:

2019:  Ariana Grande

2018:  Drake

2017:  Ed Sheeran

2016:  Justin Bieber

2015:  Taylor Swift

2014:  Beyoncé

2013:  Miley Cyrus

2012:  Rihanna

2011:  Adele

2010:  Katy Perry

2009:  Lady Gaga

2008:  Lil Wayne

2007:  Rihanna

2006:  Justin Timberlake

2005:  Kanye West

2004:  Usher

2003:  Beyoncé

2002:  Eminem

2001:  Jennifer Lopez

2000:  ‘N Sync

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