The Momo Challenge – What Are Your Kids Seeing Online?

The internet can be one messed up place.  Last night I started seeing people talking about “Momo”.  What the heck is Momo?  With my interest peaked I typed Momo into Google.  What popped up was kind of freaky.  It was an image of this “girl from The Ring, bug eyed, twisted smile, bird like creature.”

That evidently is Momo.

Here is where it gets even more creepy.  Momo is the image attached to the “Momo Challenge”.  The Momo Challenge started on social media and has spread to Youtube.  Momo challenges viewers to do increasingly harmful things leading to self harm.

Parents have reported that this Momo thing has popped up in videos that their young children are watching, Peppa Pig, Lol Surprise, toy opening videos and more.  (These are the kinds of videos my oldest kid watches.)  Kids will be watching a seemingly normal video when all of sudden this creepy thing pops up and start challenging them and threatening them.

I think this is a good opportunity to rethink what my kid watches online.  I am going to try and be better at really knowing who is putting videos on Youtube, reading the comments to see if anyone is reporting weird behavior in the video and spending more time watching the videos with my daughter to see what is really going on.

Read more about the Momo Challenge.

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