The Ten Most Sunburned States in 2020 – Iowa Is In The Top 10

We’re one month into summer.  Have you had to bust out the aloe yet?  A new study looked at Google searches to find out which states have suffered the most SUNBURNS so far this year.

A few sunny states like California ranked lower than expected, maybe because people who live there just wear more sunblock . . . or they’ve been stuck in quarantine.  Here are the ten most sunburned states in 2020 . . .

1.  Hawaii.

2.  South Carolina.

3.  Florida.

4.  Maine.

5.  West Virginia.

6.  Alabama.

7.  Iowa.

8.  Delaware.

9.  Wyoming.

10.  Arkansas.

The five states where people are LEAST likely to have a sunburn right now are Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, and New Mexico.


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