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The Top 10 Excuses Kids Use to Drag Out Bedtime

Somehow, every kid naturally has the instincts of a high-priced attorney when it comes to negotiating at bedtime.

According to a new survey, the average parents with young kids spend 34 minutes a night on the bedtime process . . . which adds up to almost nine full days a year.

And the average kid uses three excuses every night to try to drag out bedtime.

Here are the 10 most popular excuses:

I’m not tired . . . I’m hungry . . . I need to use the potty . . . I’m thirsty . . . I want another story . . . I’m too hot or cold . . . I finally want to tell you about my day . . . I want a kiss from the other parent . . . I need a specific toy . . . I want to cuddle.


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