The Top Foods We Hated as Kids but Like Now Include Asparagus, Fish, Avocados, and Eggs

Name a food you HATED as a kid but would gladly eat now.  A survey of 2,000 Americans Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Naked Bacon found the ten most common foods kids hate but adults like.  And, of course, vegetables dominate the list . . .

1.  Asparagus.  31% of people hated it as a kid, but like it now.

2.  Brussels sprouts, 30%.

3.  Broccoli, 27%.

4.  Spinach, 21%.

5.  Green beans, 19%.

6.  Fish, 19%.

7.  Avocados, 18%.

8.  Eggs, 15%.

9.  Greek yogurt, 14%.

10.  Bacon.  (???)  Around 1 in 8 people said they hated it as kids, but not anymore.

A few more that ranked lower were whole wheat bread . . . cottage cheese . . . mustard . . . and any type of chicken that WASN’T a chicken nugget.


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