The Top Signs You’re a Bad Driver Include Speeding, Cutting People Off, and Not Using Turn Signals

People were asked to name the top signs someone is a bad driver.  Here’s the Top 10 According to a study conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Christian Brothers Automotive…

1.  Excessive speeding.  61% said it means you’re a bad driver.  But over 40% admitted THEY like to drive fast.  And one in three think of speed limits as “just a suggestion.”

2.  Cutting people off, 54%.

3.  Tailgating, 44%.

4.  Constant road rage, 43%.

5.  Using your horn too much, 38%.

6.  Not using turn signals, 38%.

7.  Driving with one hand on the wheel, 29%.

8.  Talking too much while you drive.  Either to passengers or on the phone, 29%.

9.  Leaving your high beams on when you don’t need them, 25%.

10.  Singing along to the radio.  Only 18% agreed with that one.

The survey also found 56% of us wouldn’t date someone if we thought they were a bad driver.  And 78% said the way you drive says a lot about your personality.


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