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The Top Tech Skills We’ve Had to Learn During Lockdown

FULL STORY:  Close to a third of us have had to learn at least one new tech skill during the lockdown . . . mostly so we can video chat.  If you’re a young person, get ready to laugh at how CLUELESS the rest of us are.  Here are the top 10 tech issues we’ve had to figure out . . .

1.  What Zoom is, and how to use it.

2.  How to set up a group video chat.

3.  How to share a link for a virtual meeting.

4.  How to set up a group chat on WhatsApp.

5.  How to turn your camera off and on during a video call.

6.  How to add people to a group call.

7.  How to join a group chat on your phone.

8.  How to send a text to more than one person.

9.  How to make a phone call on a computer.

10.  How to mute your speaker on a video call.

A few more that just missed the top 10 were how to use emojis . . . how to use your speakerphone . . . and how to use a wireless printer.


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