Tips to Keep Your Home, Work and Business, and Schools Safe, Courtesy of the CDC

You need to stay safe right now.  Not just for your sake and your family’s sake, but for the sake of everyone out there, especially people who might be the most vulnerable.

So here are some tips from the CDC on how to keep your home, work and business, and schools safe during the coronavirus pandemic.


Everyone should wash their hands when they get home and regularly . . . avoid touching their faces . . . and cover coughs and sneezes.  Disinfect surfaces like tables and doorknobs regularly.  And increase ventilation by opening windows.

If you have vulnerable people in the home, like senior citizens or people with compromised immune systems, have everyone keep as much distance as possible, wash their hands frequently, and try to have just one family member take care of them.


If someone’s feeling sick or has a sick family member at home, they should stay home.

Stop handshakes . . . clean hands regularly . . . disinfect surfaces . . . and increase ventilation.  Limit food sharing . . . make sure cafeteria staff practice strict hygiene.

Use video chat for meetings when possible, and hold in-person meetings in open, well-ventilated spaces . . . adjust or postpone large meetings or gatherings . . . and really reassess the risks of business travel.

Use bookings and scheduling to stagger customers coming in . . . use online buying when possible . . . curb events that attract a lot of people . . . and try to limit handling cash by encouraging people to pay by inserting a credit card.


If someone’s feeling sick or has a sick family member at home, they should stay home.

Adjust or cancel events or gatherings where people in different classes or grades get together . . . and hold classes outside or in open, well-ventilated spaces if possible.  Limit food sharing . . . and make sure cafeteria staff practice strict hygiene.

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