Today’s Good News A Kid Nailed a Half-Court Shot at the Buzzer (Video)

There’s a high school junior near Denver named Andrew Regan.

His high school has a “unified” basketball team, where differently abled kids play together in a less competitive environment.

A video of Andrew is going viral after he snagged a rebound in a game last Friday . . . and hit a buzzer beater from HALF COURT.

His teammates and coaches went nuts.

It wasn’t just luck either.  A friend who volunteers on the team says Andrew practices that shot all the time in his driveway.  So when he drained it in the game, it didn’t really surprise him that much.

Andrew’s been loving all the attention this week.  The local news interviewed him, and he took time out to thank people for all the likes he’s been getting on Twitter.   (CBS Denver / USA Today)

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