What Is Your Go-To Snack?

What kind of a snack person are you?  Do you go for salty, sweet, or spicy . . . or all of the above?

A new survey by Frito-Lay found that salty snacks are more popular than spicy or sweet ones.  Here are three stats about America’s snacking habits . . .

1.  Salty stuff is our most popular snack choice, like regular potato chips and peanuts.  Cheesy or spicy snacks are next . . . things like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos or chips with odd flavors.  And sweet snacks like candy and cookies are third.

2.  If you need to bring snacks to a friend’s house, what do you grab?  Somehow, the most common answer was . . . popcorn.  About one in four people said it’s probably what they’d buy if they needed to stop and pick something up on the way.

3.  Two-thirds of us buy snacks at least once a week.  And almost all of us buy them at least once a month.


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