What’s the Right Age for Kids to Get Their First Allowance, Phone, and Job?

Parents with older kids have had it a little easier during the lockdown, because you don’t have to watch them every second of every day.  So what’s the age when you CAN finally let them do their own thing?

A recent survey of 2,000 parents found that TEN years old is when kids can play outside without an adult around.  Here’s how old they said kids should be before these six other things happen . . .

1.  First allowance at 9 years old.

2.  First phone at 11.

3.  Walking home from school alone, also 11.  That one really depends on how close the school is though.

4.  First sleepover at a friend’s house, 12 years old.

5.  First job at 13.  Like babysitting or having a paper route.

6.  Staying home alone, also 13 years old.  (Some states have specific laws for that one though.  Like in Illinois, it’s still 14.)

(The Sun)

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