When Was the Last Time You Used a Landline Phone?

Today is National Landline Telephone Day.  I guess you can celebrate even if you haven’t had a landline phone in your house since 2006.

In honor of the day, a new survey asked people to name the last time they spoke to someone using a landline phone.

And 2% of people said NEVER.  Another 25% of people said it’s been more than six months.

On the flip side, 25% said they spoke to someone using a landline that day, and 15% say they did the day before.

Not surprisingly, the older you are, the more likely you are to have used a landline in the past few days.  49% of people over 55 have . . . versus just 15% of people under 24.

And people under 24 are three times more likely to have never used a landline.


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