Would You Relocate for a Job?

62% of people say they’d consider moving to a new city for a job.

That’s what I\we did back in 2007.  I received a call about an opening at Star 106 here in Mason City.  We packed up our stuff and headed south from the Twin Cities.  Now here we are 12 years later.

44% say better pay and perks would be the top thing that would make them want to relocate . . . 17% would do it for family or personal reasons . . . 16% for a better cost of living . . . 16% to advance their career . . . and 6% for better weather.

The survey also found the seven cities that people REALLY want to leave if they find a job somewhere else:  Raleigh, North Carolina . . . Miami . . . Des Moines, Iowa . . . Charlotte, North Carolina . . . Seattle . . . Chicago . . . and Los Angeles.

And the five cities where people are the least likely to want to leave for the sake of a job are:  Minneapolis . . . Boston . . . Philadelphia . . . Detroit . . . and Atlanta.

(Robert Half)

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