Your Family Will Miss 17 Events This Summer Because of the Pandemic

The average family will miss out on 17 events this summer because of the pandemic.  That includes trips to summer camp, six short trips to nearby places, seven meet-ups with friends, and two longer trips.  Here are the top ten things parents are doing to try to make the most out of their summer . . .

1.  More family time in general.  45% said they’re trying to do that.

2.  More family walks and bike rides.

3.  Movie nights at home.

4.  More arts and crafts.

5.  Going to the park more.

6.  Cooking your kid’s favorite meal more often.

7.  Buying them new toys.

8.  More playtime.

9.  Setting up a kiddie pool or sprinkler in the yard.

10.  A tie between taking more short trips and planning more surprises.


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