10% of Parents Admit They Have a Favorite Child

If you’ve always thought your parents like your brother or sister more than they like you . . . well, there’s about a one in 10 chance that you’re right.

10% of parents admit they have a favorite child.

85% say they don’t . . . 3% would “rather not say,” which probably means they DO have a favorite but don’t want to admit it . . . and 2% aren’t sure.

Of the parents with two kids who have a favorite child, 62% say it’s the youngest, 30% say it’s the oldest.

Of the parents with three or more kids who have a favorite, 43% say it’s the youngest . . . 34% say it’s one of the middle kids . . . and 19% say it’s the oldest.

In other words, the favorite child is probably the youngest and probably NOT the oldest.

And 51% of people with a favorite child say it’s a girl . . . which means a parent’s favorite child is slightly more likely to be a girl than a boy.

I don’t know if having a favorite child is bad necessarily.  I think it is important to realize that you do and use that to remind yourself not to over favor one child over the other.


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