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Jared Allen

The ‘Home Alone’ House Is Available To Rent

If you’ve ever felt like mauling a couple of bad guys with a series of potentially deadly…

Miller High Life Is Releasing Gingerbread Dive Bar Kits This Holiday Season With Beer-Infused Gingerbread And A Mini Pool Table

Miller High Life has created the ultimate gingerbread house, well actually it's a dive bar, complete with…

21 Chefs Share Best Holiday Cooking Tips

It's safe the say that many will be doing a lot of cooking between now and the…

25 Most Popular Pies – Ranked

The pies are ranked from "best to worst" in regards to which pie is the most unhealthiest.

Best, Worst Times To Hit The Road For Thanksgiving Travel

Even though you probably already have your Thanksgiving travel plans in place, AAA has a few suggestions…

Classic Thanksgiving Sitcom Episodes To Stream On Turkey Day

There are a ton of classic Thanksgiving-themed sitcom episodes available to stream.

Get Paid to Watch Holiday Movies!

Get Paid to Watch Holiday Movies!

More Than 53.4 Million People Expected To Travel Over Thanksgiving Holiday

According to Triple-A, over 53 million people will travel during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Pets

Before you give Fluffy that spoonful of Grandma's fruitcake, check out the list of foods that you…

Ernie Hudson speaks on ‘Ghostbusters’ Movie

Ernie Hudson speaks on the new Ghostbusters movie, which will offer a classic feel with a new…

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