Half of Us Are Driving Around in Messy Cars

49% of people admit their car is usually a mess.  Here are eight more quick stats . . .

1.  When people were asked to name the dirtiest spot in their car, the top answers were the floor . . . the backseat . . . the cup holders . . . the dashboard . . . and the trunk.

2.  The top things that are currently junking up the inside of our cars are crumbs, empty bottles, food wrappers, old magazines, and blankets.

3.  Just over two-thirds of people with messy cars said it’s embarrassing when they have passengers.

4.  Seven out of 10 people said a messy car is a turn off.  And half of us would think about cancelling a date if the person showed up in a filthy car.

5.  78% overall said a clean car makes them feel like they have their life together.

6.  45% said containing the mess is hard, and can seem overwhelming.

7.  24% of us don’t clean out our car because we know it’ll just get messy again.

8.  One in four people would rather clean their toilet than their car.


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