Here’s What Americans Are Buying Right Now . . . and What We’re Not

Americans ARE spending money right now . . . we’re just spending money on WAY different stuff than we usually do.

A new study looked into what we’re spending our money on right now at grocery stores and drug stores, and compared it to what we were buying exactly one year ago.

The 10 things that we’re buying WAY more now are:

Aerosol disinfectants . . . thermometers . . . oat milk . . . fresh meat alternatives . . . rubbing alcohol . . . powdered milk . . . multi-purpose cleaners . . . dried beans . . . bath and shower wipes . . . and, of course, toilet paper.

What aren’t we buying?  Perfume sales are 18% lower . . . sunscreen sales are 17% lower . . . vegetable party trays sales are 7% lower . . . and pet toy sales are 6% lower.

One thing I have bought more of this month than ever before – Spam.  And not just any old Spam, but low fat Spam.  (It was all they had)

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