Kentucky Derby Picks

Bob and Joe drew horses and names out of a hat giving each staff member at the radio station and contributor to The Joe Show a horse to root for in the Derby.  The winner gets bragging rights.

Forte 3-1 15 Jared
Tapit Trice 5-1 5 Britt
Angel of Empire 8-1 14 Bailey
Derma Sotogake 10-1 20 Bob
Practical Move SCR SCR
Kingsbarn 12-1 6 Scott
Two Phil’s 12-1 3 Laurie
Mage 15-1 8 Eric
Verifying 15-1 2 Dalena
Confidence Game 20-1 4 Alice
Mandarin Hero 20-1 22
Skinner SCR SCR
Cyclone Mischief 30-1 21
Disarm 30-1 11 Dez
Hit Show 30-1 1 Tim
Lord Miles SCR SCR
Rocket Can 30-1 18 Dennis
Continuar SCR SCR
Jace’s Road 50-1 12 Joe’s Mom
King Russell 50-1 23
Raise Cain 50-1 16 Joe
Sun Thunder 50-1 13 Evie
Reincarnate 50-1 7 Brenda

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