More “Good News” Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak – Friday Edition

Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  Captain Tom Moore raised millions for charity by walking in his backyard.  And for his 100th birthday yesterday, the British military promoted him to colonel.

2.  Meanwhile, a guy in Missouri who lived through the Spanish Flu and World War Two just beat the virus on his 107th birthday.

3.  Ford Motor Company announced they’ve now produced 10 MILLION face shields for frontline workers.

4.  A 79-year-old in Spain was in bad shape for over a month, and was ready to throw in the towel.  So his doctors turned to Twitter, and got over 15,000 messages from people telling him to keep fighting.  His granddaughter’s been reading them to him, and it’s had a big impact.  His doctors say it’s almost like he’s being treated with a new drug.

5.  A group of inmates in California has been making personal protective equipment for first responders.  They’ve made over 3,000 face shields, and prepared enough fabric for thousands of face masks.  They say they wanted to find a way to help, and prove that the mistakes they’ve made in the past don’t define who they are moving forward.

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