More “Good News” Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak – Monday Edition

1.  A singer who’s done shows at Walt Disney World for 40 years has ridden his bike over 3,000 miles during the pandemic, just to cheer up his friends and coworkers by performing in their front yards.

2.  A 47-year-old sailor from Argentina was in Portugal when all the lockdowns started, and couldn’t get a flight.  So he jumped on his boat and sailed 3,500 miles home, just to ride out the rest of it with his elderly parents.

3.  The capital of Latvia installed a 20-foot statue last week to honor healthcare workers.  It’s called “Medics to the World.”  It’s a doctor wearing a face mask and gloves, with her arms outstretched.

4.  A company in China says the vaccine it’s been testing appears to be safe and effective, and could be ready by the fall.

5.  And the Mayo Clinic says treatments using plasma from recovered patients appear to be working.  They’re not done testing yet, but the mortality rates are lower.  And only 1% of people who’ve had a plasma injection have had a bad reaction to it.

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