Only 23% of Us Will Travel for the Holidays, Plus Six More Changes We’ll Make

A third of people who normally travel for the holidays won’t be traveling this year, according to a new survey.  And overall, only 23% of Americans plan to travel.  Another 14% still aren’t sure.

Here are six more ways we’ll be doing things differently because of the pandemic . . .

1.  Reducing the number of people you invite over.  31% who normally have people over said they won’t invite as many this year.

2.  Go to fewer parties and gatherings, 38%.  1 in 4 said no gatherings at all.

3.  Buying fewer gifts because money’s tight, 21%.  Only 5% said they’re buying more.

4.  Skipping church?  21% who normally go around the holidays won’t this time around.

5.  Driving to a destination instead of flying, 12%.

6.  Not putting up decorations this year, 9%.

27% of people who took the survey said they won’t be changing any of those things.


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