Ian Porter and Anthony Cuevas-Castro are better known by their gaming handles Crimsix and Shotzzy.  And they recently won $1.5 million playing “Call of Duty”.  They also get salaries and paid endorsements.

And their message to parents is:  LET THEM PLAY!!!

Crimsix says his parents were “super strict” and against him becoming a pro gamer.  But he took summer classes so he could graduate high school early and start playing.  Obviously, it paid off.  He’s 28 now.

Shotzzy is only 19, and his parents were a lot more understanding.  His mother gave him a few years to pursue his dream before having to get a real job . . . which he never had to do.

He says, quote, “If your kid has a dream to become a video game player, let ’em be.  Try to be not as strict and give it a couple of years and if nothing happens, then you can start being strict on ’em I guess.”

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