A relationship app called Lasting surveyed 75,000 married couples and found the top four things couples fight about.

1.  Chores.  Experts say the best way to avoid that one is to just split them up 50/50.  Or as close to it as possible.

2.  The definition of “clean.”  Men and women don’t always agree.  Does it mean no dirt, or no clutter?  So try to come to a consensus on what “clean” really looks like.

3.  Using your phone too much.  If it’s an issue, it’s important to set boundaries and agree on limits.  For example, a rule of no phones at the dinner table . . . or in bed . . . might be a good idea.

4.  What to spend money on.  Major purchases should always be discussed.  If you don’t agree on what a “major” purchase is, just be specific.  Set an amount like $100 ahead of time.  Then talk about any purchases that are over that limit.


What is the biggest argument in your relationship?

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