100 Things for Quarantined Kids to Do That Don’t Involve Screens

If you’re a parent, you can be forgiven for letting your kids go a little bonkers with the screen time while you’re stuck at home. But if your tots are becoming blue-light zombies, then you might want to peruse The Wall Street Journal‘s list of 100 things to do with your children that don’t involve a TV, computer or smartphone screen. Here are 27 suggestions; click HERE for all 100:

  1. Hide & seek
  2. Jump rope
  3. Tag
  4. Croquet
  5. Blowing bubbles
  6. Monopoly
  7. Jenga
  8. Battleship
  9. Puzzles
  10. Uno
  11. Treasure hunt
  12. I Spy
  13. Mad Libs
  14. Writing letters
  15. Sidewalk chalk
  16. Origami
  17. Face painting
  18. Puppets
  19. Kite flying
  20. Juggling
  21. Planting a garden
  22. Fishing
  23. Dance party
  24. Name that tune
  25. Family bike ride
  26. Soccer
  27. Marshmallow roast

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