If your parents are in their 60s or 70s, their tech skills might be kind of pathetic.  But get ready to feel real old real fast.  Because your kids might already feel the same way about YOU . . .

A recent survey found almost 6 in 10 parents use their kids as tech support and go to them for help with new gadgets and apps.

But here’s the insulting part:  They also polled 1,000 kids between 6 and 14.  And 20% said they’d NEVER ask their parents for tech help, because they know they’re clueless.

A third said their parents aren’t familiar with most of the websites and apps they use.  And 40% think that in general, they’re already better with technology than their parents are.

When kids do need tech support, they’re more likely to turn to their friends, or watch a video on YouTube.

(The Sun)

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