Here Are the Top 10 Signs Someone’s a Workaholic

Are you a workaholic?  I feel like I am.  Part of it is being a salaried employee vs hourly.  If I was hourly it would be a lot easier to not think about work or actually work as much as I do.  i.e. If I ain’t on the clock I am not going to worry about it.

When it comes to the top signs that someone is a workaholic I check five of the 10 boxes.  How many signs do you have of being a workaholic?

40% of people say they’re so ADDICTED to work that they never stop working.  And here are the 10 biggest signs that someone’s a workaholic.

1.  Never taking a lunch break.

2.  Working on weekends.

3.  Always being the last person to leave the office.

4.  Waking up in the middle of the night, thinking about work.

5.  Checking emails while watching TV.

6.  Always bringing their work laptop on vacation.

7.  Always being the first person at the office in the morning.

8.  Checking emails in the middle of the night.

9.  Always taking work calls, even during their personal time.

10.  Calling into work on days off to make sure everything’s okay.

(Study Finds)

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