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TikTok Hack Shows How To Unclog Drains Without Harsh Chemicals

You can unclog slow-running pipes in your home without the use of harsh chemicals, notes a TikToker who didn’t pay much attention in chemistry class.

In a video that has racked up millions of views since posted last November by @sorryimannie, the viral social media star pours baking soda into the drain, followed by vinegar, which then dissolves the blockage.

@sorryimannieCleaning the clogged sink drain 🤮 follow me for more videos #bakingsoda #vinegar #bakingsodaandvinegar #asmrcleaning #sink #satisfying #fyp♬ original sound – Annie 💕

Several others have commented the “hack” worked for them too. A professional plumber has confirmed that this method works, but recommends slowly pouring boiling water before and after to be as effective as possible.


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